Halo Reach rant

2011-01-02 20:45:51 by ProjectXA3


>I have a question for all of the world, and especially Bungie Studios, to think on:
>It concerns the gameplay of the game 'Halo: Reach'
>Why is it that the Spartan-III s of the game in question, who wear suits in which vacuum seals are so obvious and logical component, so easily, and so quickly, drown??
>Also, I have never in my life seen any reason that being, either partially or wholly, submerged in water could or should cause a vehicle of any origin to explode.



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2011-10-05 17:30:08

It's a game.

(Updated ) ProjectXA3 responds:

Yeah, but it still doesn't make any sense! The development team puts all this effort into making the entire world look ab-so-freaking-lutely lifelike, and then they can't think of a better boundary-keeping mechanic than drowning???