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I think I saw another part of this collab from Hyun. From the looks of things it's a shame it never saw the light of day.

Newgrounds Rumble 2: For Realz This Time.
Please? Have you considered a crowdfunding campaign? It looks good and... *sigh* yeah, the person to really go to would be Behemoth and the guy who made the first Newgrounds Rumble wouldn't it? Ah well, a guy can dream.

Sweet chipwich, this is just what the doctor ordered, Kirb! This really helps straighten a few things out, too, like how the hell the combat is balanced with that much customization. Also, I'm thinking you just outlined the perfect MMO setup.
On an unrelated note, I always thought there would be four areas for some reason. I guess it just looked that way to me on the map.

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Something's gone buggy: the controls (every single button) have developed a habit of sticking.

Here's a review for ya: I don't know if it's only when replaying a level or every time after the first one, but after the first level the escape jetpack wouldn't work right. It would have the coming-down-and-landing animation loop several times before spawning an actual level ending.

Past that, though, the game is pretty good. I'd have the knife stab faster, but that's about all.

Before I can even think ablut anything else...

Diagonal movement would be nice.

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HOOYEAH! I've been looking for this song for years since I heard it in Toss the Turtle! Excellent score.

I love this song-- it's classic!

I just love it: it makes a nice change from the high-energy songs normally on my favorites list, it has *NON-RAP* lyrics-- a nice change for the NG Audio Portal-- and it involves Red vs Blue, which gains it a few points in my book.
I have to ask, though: how did you get this? I can tell that it isn't a parody/ copy, it's the actual song, and I somehow doubt that you're Caboose's actor, so who are you that you could post this? Or is it just some sort of illegal/hacking thingie? (if it is, I'm *TOTALLY* cool with it, I've been trying to find this exact song in some loopable format for a good hour now)

Nice, but...

I like it, it's extremely on-target, remarkably close, but it's about twice the speed it should be. Maybe you could make another that sounds exactly the same but slowed down.

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