Entry #10


2017-08-17 05:31:46 by ProjectXA3

Hooolyyy shit folks. Nine years. Nine FUCKING years since I signed up here. I have been to high school and both started and finished COLLEGE in that time. CHRIST. I haven't been that active this past two or three, but I still consider Newgrounds to be the place that I first became part of those who were 'of' the net, and the first commutiny, good or ill, that I was ever a part of on here. It's helped me see some of the most interesting things I've encountered in my days online- I will hold up Waterlollies or anything else like that as a great animation in any respect, online or otherwise. Madness has become a full-fledged movement, and stuff like Alien Homonid, the Castle Crashers, and Meat Boy have become boni-fide hits in the general public. It's been a long time and a good time, and I intend that time to keep going. I'll see you around and I hope to keep finding good things.


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